Stephanie- conneticut 

Twitter: @winkytweetsit Instagram: winiarss

Where have you always wanted to travel to? Egypt. It’s been on my list a long time, as my mom previously taught Ancient Civilizations, so we always went to see the museum exhibits and had books on Egypt. I’ve been accumulating facts about the pyramids for years, so the only thing left to do is see them.

Where did you attend college and what did you study? Boston College (go Eagles!) where I studied Communication. I’m also currently in grad school at the University of Connecticut, pursuing my MBA.

What is your go to coffee order? A Dunkin Donuts medium iced dark roast with skim milk and two sugars. Although I won’t say no to a Starbucks either, and in that case it’s a venti vanilla iced coffee with room for milk. I drink iced coffee year round.